A brand new star!

Mr Green Helmet is REALLY close to become a star, or is he already?
He had a little accident in the last days, some scretches on his face. So why not cover the entire story with lots of details? Some scretches on his face...just funny.

"A civil defense worker who has drawn controversy for holding up the bodies of children killed in Lebanon said Tuesday he was lightly injured fighting a weekend fire sparked by an Israeli bomb.

Salam Daher, dubbed the Green Helmet for the color of his civil defense headgear, said he was hit by debris Sunday when a bomb or missile fell on a building while he was helping to battle a fire at a gas station in the port city of Tyre.

"I fell over when the bomb hit, and I got some scratches from debris that flew up on my face," he said."

Salem Daher, alias Green Helmet, is clearly not a Hezbollah member. He was showing the bodies, cleaning them from dust and searching for the best possible shot ever just to send us the message, "Israel is killing civilians, not fighters".
Green Helmet, a brand new star for the absolutely impartial press.

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